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Test bench for cable- and cable guiding systems used for particle emission measurements


For various products, a cleanroom environment is a necessary prerequisite for achieving high quality andreliability in terms of their performance. Equipment and manufacturing processes implemented within suchenvironments have a decisive impact on product cleanliness since they are often used in the proximity of theproduct. The manufacturer's information on the suitability of equipment for the cleanroom environment isoften not enough to entirely assess their characteristics as it is based on non-standardized or in-house testingmethods. Therefore, an objective assessment of the cleanroom suitability in accordance with standardized testprocedures is a crucial aspect when developing products of that type. One of the products often tested for thecleanroom suitability are cables and cable guiding systems. As such, the need to test multiple differentinstances at once has emerged during the recent period. The objective of this Master's Thesis is to design atest bench that will allow measurement of particulate emissions produced by multiple test objects at the sametime. The test bench will operate in a cleanroom ISO 1 used for research purposes at Fraunhofer IPA.