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About DESIGN Conference

The organisation of the international scientific conferences from DESIGN series is among important activities of the Chair.

Since the early 80's the International DESIGN Conference has been actively involved in bringing together leading academics, researchers and practitioners, join in a common forum that stimulates the exchange of ideas, views and latest research and development in the field of Engineering and Industrial Design.

Organization of a DESIGN Conference series is a result of the continued policy and continuous learning process, connecting researchers and practitioners attempting to understand better the problems they are trying to address.

The objectives of the DESIGN Conferences tend to be integrative across the various disciplines, to reach the current state-of-the-art, to cover the multidisciplinary aspects of design and to assure high-level review policy.

All activities in the organization of DESIGN conference through the years have been oriented to fulfill those goals motivating the researchers and practitioners to participate in these truly international high-quality events. Until 2000, the conferences were supported by WDK (Workshop Design Konstruktion) while the events since 2002 have continued the tradition as an endorsed event of The Design Society, providing a forum for cooperative interactions among participants.

In addition to the participant and members of the scientific advisory board, exceptional contribution to profiling the conference as the reference international scientific event in the research field was provided by the long-lasting Program Committee members:

  • Dorian Marjanović, University of Zagreb FSB (HRV), 1998-2020
  • Osman Muftić, University of Zagreb FSB (HRV), 1998-2000
  • Vladimir Hubka, ETH Zurich (SUI), 1998-2000
  • Derek Sheldon, Anglia University (GBR), 1998-2000
  • Ernst Eder, Royal Military College of Canda (CAN), 2000
  • Mogens Myrup Andreasen, TU Denmark (DNK), 2002-2012
  • Herbert Birkhofer, TU Darmstadt (DEU), 2002-2012
  • Udo Lindemann, TU Munich (DEU), 2006-2018
  • Mounib Mekhilef, Ecole Centrale Paris (FRA), 2006
  • Steve J. Culley, University of Bath (GBR), 2008-2016
  • Christian Weber, TU Illmenau (DEU), 2014-2020
  • Tim McAloone, TU Denmark (DNK), 2014-today
  • John P. Clarkson, University of Cambridge (GBR), 2018-today
  • Julie Stal-Le Cardinal, CentraleSupélec, Paris (FRA), 2020-today
  • Mario Štorga, University of Zagreb FSB (HRV), 2020-today
  • Sandro Wartzack, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg (DEU), 2022-today
  • Stanko Škec, University of Zagreb FSB (HRV), 2024-today

More info can be found on the DESIGN Conference website.