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Research Field

Research work at the Chair is carried out within the framework of national and international projects in cooperation with numerous European and worldwide universities.

Research activites are conducted within many of the Chair's research projects with the following themes:

  • extension of CAD/PDM/PLM model with elements of engineering knowledge
  • modelling of engineering processes
  • ontology for engineering design and indexing of engineering knowledge
  • modelling the evolution of traceability of engineering information
  • optimisation of the shape and structure of complex technical systems by using genetic and evolutionary algorithms
  • evaluation and selection of ideas in fuzzy forn tend of the product development including environmental impacts
  • modelling socio-technical systems in the engineering by application of complex networks
  • mesuring and monitoring of intangible performance indicators of teams developing technical systems
  • modelling and simulation of interactions of teams developing technical systems
  • technology development and innovation evolution
  • modelling and simulation of design parameters management
  • conceptual design for additive manufacturing
  • teamwork processes suported by virtual reality (VR)
  • model of cognitive load in CAD activites
  • data-driven design methods and tools

Researchers and doctoral students of the Chair in collaboration with international partners published more than 450 scientific publications in international scientific journals and at international scientific conferences and workshops.

The best illustration of the research topics evolution within the Design Science at the Department of Design and the Chair of Design and Product Development is the list of the numerous master of science (old programme) and doctoral theses of postgraduate students. More information about MSc and PhD theses is available here.