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About CASProD ERASMUS+ Project

The main goal of this project is to develop and to get accreditation for a joint master curriculum of Smart Product Development at all three academic partner organisations from three different programme countries.

Design and development process of modern, smart and complex products and technical systems requires engineers, technicians and other staff not to be only specialised in one core profession but to acquire additional palette of multidisciplinary knowledge, communication and ICT skills. Furthermore, product engineering rarely runs in only one company, even not in only one country. This leads to enhanced collaboration requirements and therefore, respective workforce skills.

Although most of the engineering programmes recognise this development paradigm shift, they do not implement it in their educational due to the limited staff, knowledge or financial resources and options regarding international collaboration. The partners involved in this project (University of Zagreb FSB, TU Wien, University of Ljubljana) believe that by the support of Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership it is possible to overcome these issues and to initiate long-term international collaboration in that field and student exchange between project partner institutions accordingly to the Bologna principles.

The curriculum of the joint master program on Smart Products Development will be tailored to fit the modern trends in engineering higher education, and at the same time fostering student and teachers’ mobility among all three academic partners and wider central European region. The study programme will be designed to advance students to the competitive levels of professional knowledge in the field of engineering systems design and development, as well as to provide opportunities to develop and train their multidisciplinary skills, project management, teamwork, communication and presentation abilities in English as a foreign language to many prospective participants.

The involvement of different industrial partners (as project providers, thesis co-supervisors and as invited guest lecturers) will provide students with the opportunity to get direct industrial contacts. The established connections, achieved mobility, and experience on industry relevant projects will also positively influence the employability of students within the partner countries and abroad after having finished the study programme successfully.

The main goals of the proposed project are clearly coherent with the 2011 EU Modernisation Agenda, as well as with national higher education development agendas, fostering internationalisation, mobility, use of ICT tools in education, and supporting the exchange of knowledge, resources, and staff between industry and academia where both students and staff would be involved. By fostering active involvement of industrial partners and co-supervisors from industry, it will effectively close the knowledge triangle between higher education, research and business. 

Project coordinators for FSB are Prof. Mario Štorga and Assist. Prof. Stanko Škec.

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