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How to impact environmental conditions with design?

The course links product development and life cycle with its impact on the environment and natural resources sustainability.

  • Get introduced to design methods based on the criteria of product lifecycle and sustainability
  • Get introduced to strategies for the implementation of environmental improvement using ecodesign
  • Learn to assess the impact of technical systems on the environment and society

How to realize a technological innovation?

The course studies the innovation process and considers the conditions necessary to realise technological innovations in existing and newly established companies.

  • Learn to analyze technological trends based on the patent literature
  • Learn to critically judge new solutions of technical systems
  • Learn to lead innovative product development projects
  • Learn to manage innovation potential at the team and organization level

How to apply artificial intelligence methods in product design?

The course introduces you to modern methods of artificial intelligence and their application in the field of product design and development.

  • Get introduced to strategies, algorithms, methods and tools for computer synthesis in design
  • Get introduced to strategies, algorithms, methods and tools for machine learning and mining of large data sets at all stages of the product development process
  • Gain the knowledge needed to work in multidisciplinary engineering teams that develop modern smart technical systems.

How to design and implement relational databases?

in engineering problems. The course prepares students to participate in the design, development and implementation of data management information systems in production systems and engineering problems.

  • Learn to design and build a database with or without program code
  • Learn to assess the justification of investing in information system databases (such as PLM and ERP) in companies
  • Learn to critically judge and evaluate the process of customization and implementation of information systems

Interested in development of new product for the company?

The international course held in English is conducted in cooperation with the universities of Ljubljana, Vienna and Milan and an industrial partner. It includes the development of a concept and the design of a global product.

  • Participate in the development of flexible interior elements for next-generation subway cars with Siemens Mobility Austria GmbH
  • Enrich your product portfolio with innovative real-world industrial project
  • Gain experience of working in an international student team