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Lucijan Stamać, dipl. ing. comp.

Employment period:

2012 - 2019


professional associate - in education


Lucijan Stamać was born in Zagreb, Croatia in 1986. After graduating from high school, he enrolled in the study of computing at University of Zagreb's Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing where he graduated in 2011. The title of his thesis was A System for Preparing Virtual Characters for Animation.

FRom 2012 to 2019 he was employed at the Chair of Design and Product Development of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture as a professional associate in education. His work primarily revolved around programming as well as other computer-related tasks. He wrote an application for Windows and macOS which serves as digital proceedings of the international DESIGN conference, organised by the Chair. In 2016 the Chair launched a new website for which he wrote the code.

Aside from programming, he also helped with the realisation of education. Most notably, he managed the teleconferencing room during videoconferences of the European Global Product Realization course. The teleconferencing room is also used for defenses of doctoral theses, when a member of the committee cannot physically be present.

Lucijan also participated in the organisation of the international DESIGN conference since 2012, helping with the technical preparation of the conference.