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Analysis of relations between design parameters for machinery for excavation and transport of ore coal using DSM matrix

Data retrieved from the FSB repository, on February 09 2017,


This master's thesis is mainly concerned on Design Structure Matrix as a method for complexity management, its appliability in industrial field and algorithms which are used in DSM method. For a purphose of better understanding why complexity management methods has major role ni design and product development, first chapter deals with origins of complexity and behaviour of complex systems, and why complexity must be controlled. Second chapter represents fundamentals of DSM method, short history brief is given and types of matrices used in DSM are explained. Also, algorithms for matrix reorganization are explained. Last chapter gives example of practical industrial usage of DSM on stackers and reclaimers for transport and excavation od coal ore. Functional decomposition for these machines is made and through it, main parameters are recognized which enters DSM analysis. Partitioning algorithm is then used for matrix regrouping, and finally comments are made about emerged results.



Hrvoje Hlebec




Master thesis