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Building facades cleaning system

Data retrieved from the FSB repository, on February 09 2017,


In this paper a solution for automated building facades cleaning machine was given. In development of the machine, effective cleaning of glass surface, safety measures and ecological criteria had to be ensured. Cleaning in all types of weather and different building sizes also had to be ensured as do machine positioning and guiding on building glass facades. In the beginning of this paper, analysis of the market and technical specifications of the machine was provided. After detailed market analysis three conceptual solutions were given, which led to one solution being taken for further technical development. In development of the chosen conceptual solution, standard parts and assemblies were used and all nonstandard parts were designed with proper technical calculation. After development of all parts and assemblies of chosen conceptual solutions, a 3D model with proper technical documentation was given.



Ivan Janjiš




Master thesis


Ivan Janjiš - Master thesis