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Design knowledge implementation in 3d model of ballast weight of bucket-wheel stacker/reclaimer for coal ore

Data retrieved from the FSB repository, on February 09 2017,


This thesis presents the development of 3D models ballast weights that can be changed according to the static calculations of strength. The introduction shows the function of the ballast weights on the stacker/reclaimer device. The paper briefly describes device for stacking/reclaiming that is used during the transport of materials. 3d model of ballast weights is made with skeletal modeling technique from top to bottom. The paper analyzes a design knowledge needed to design ballast weights. Design knowledge is implemented in the 3D model with features and through parametric relations so parametric model could change according to predetermined rules. In the following cross sections of supporting structure are defined. Also, bearing of connecting ballast weight with frame are defined. Free and bound parameters are selected and have made two versions ballast weights. The final 3d model was tested by changing the parameters. Both models ballast weights are shown in the workshop drawings.



Goran Pereš




Master thesis