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Design of firewood cutting machine

Data retrieved from the FSB repository, on December 10 2018,


This paper describes the development and construction process of a firewood cutting device. In the introduction a list of appropriate logs for the device is defined. Furthermore, different existing patents and devices are explored. Subsequently, a functional decomposition is created, where different device functions are defined, as well a morphological matrix which offers techncial solutions for the particular device functions. Based on the technical solutions from the matrix, 4 different concept machines for log cutting are created. The concepts are evaluated based on the researched market analysis and needs. The most satisfactory concept is drawn into the matrix. Finally, a control calculation is created, and the standardized dimensions of the device elements are chosen. Based on the calculation and the standardized parts a CAD model and the technical documentation is created.



Ivan Medić




Master thesis


Ivan Medić - Master thesis