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Design of the supporting body of unmanned aerial vehicles

Data retrieved from the FSB repository, on March 29 2019,


The subject of this paper is Design of the supporting body of unmanned aerial vehicles. Hence, the point in introductory part is on the unmanned aerial vehicles. Among other things it is possible to read about the definition and history of unmanned aerial vehicles. Examples of usage, Croatian unmanned aerial vehicles legislation and more about unmanned aerial vehicles is specified in this part. As this paper is about design and product development then few words are given about software support. During development of supporting body it was necessary to use lattice structure and topology optimization tools. Because of that the short review of these two issues is given. The production of the components with lattice structure or topology optimization incorporated in their volumes is not suitable for a traditional way of production so additive manufacturing is represented. The second part of the paper deals with experimental work which is all about the design process. The initial model of supporting body is given as well as objective of design development. The minimization of mass with respect to enforced constraints is the main aim of supporting body development. Four versions with lattice structure are proposed. These versions are controlled in module for finite element analysis so that stress and displacement are known. Next two versions are the result of topology optimization. In the end, one version is proposed for production and statements for that choice are provided. Author's review on the topic is the closure of this paper.



Stjepan Drašner




Master thesis


Stjepan Drašner - Master thesis