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Development of the connection between a cylinder head and exhaust manifold with turbocharger

Data retrieved from the FSB repository, on April 11 2017,


The content of this diploma thesis is based on the development and research during the project: "Development of the connection between a cylinder head and exhaust manifold with turbocharger" at the Daimler AG. The purpose of this research is the development of a new connection of the cylinder head and exhaust manifold for an internal combustion engine with a exhaust supercharger, with the aim of improving the structure according to the criteria of strength, ease of installation and the total price in the serial production of Mercedes-Benz vehicles. The scope of this diploma thesis makes: • Review of existing design solutions for exhaust manifolds of the engine and the issues due to their exposure to high exhaust gas temperatures and loads with the engine running • Review of existing solutions for the connection between the cylinder head and exhaust manifold • Gathering of recuirements and analysis on the connection, the development and evaluation of possible design solutions by QFD method • Technical development of the selected conceptual design "Integrated form-fitting connection" in a 3D-CAD program • Evaluation of the developed design through simulation methods • Further optimization of the design on the based on the simulation results • Timetable for the production of prototype parts and assembly of the test engine



Matija Capor




Master thesis