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Izrada kataloga baterija

Data retrieved from the FSB repository on Dabar, on July 17 2022,


The overall advancement of technology has also had a big impact on the development of road transport, which has a trend of increasing number of electric vehicles over the last few decades, due to increasing environmental pollution. One of the key factors for the further development of electric vehicles is development of battery systems, which still cannot compete in price with internal combustion engine vehicles. Although the development and improvement of batteries itself depends more on their chemical configuration, the design of battery packs plays a large role in the final performance of battery packs. In order to improve the process of battery pack design, the catalog is created for storing and reviewing past solutions. The catalog is made as part of the product lifecycle management for Battery System Engineering department in company Rimac-automobili.



Martin Oreč




Master thesis


Martin Oreč - Master thesis