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Machine for winding paper insulation on angle rings

Data retrieved from the FSB repository, on March 20 2019,


The subject of this diploma thesis is development of transformer angle caps (rings) winding machine for company Končar D&ST. Current machine is outdated so there is a need for a new solution which would completely change current machine. This diploma thesis starts with explaining of transformers, transformer insulation and angle caps as parts of the transformer insulation. After that, current machine is described in detail to find out what characteristics should new machine have and what are the diffiuculties. Then it was necessary to research the market to see if there is any similar machines or machines which would solve some functions. After that, functional decomposition and morfological chart was made so that is possible to see every function machine should have and possible solutions for this functions. After all of that, it was possible to start with generation of multiple concepts which were evaluated. One concept was chosen for design process in which control analysis and production of technical documentation was made.



Domagoj Grgić




Master thesis


KONČAR Distributivni i specijalni transformatori d.d.