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Razvoj ispitne opreme za verifikaciju sustava dvofaznog hlađenja baterijskih sustava raspršivanjem

Data retrieved from the FSB repository on Dabar, on October 05 2020,


Steadily increasing demands for power, acceleration and range of electric vehicles produce larger battery heat-dissipation densities. Conventional cooling principles, including liquid cooling primarily used in high performance electric cars, are slowly reaching their limits regarding cooling capabilities and temperature regulation. This created a need for development of novel technology with greater cooling capabilities, giving potential for continuous car battery improvement in the future. Two-phase spray cooling technology is successfully used in military and space industry, but there is scarce additional information available. The aim of this thesis is to gather information about two-phase spray cooling technology through research, and to develop testing equipment for evaluating technology implementation possibilities to serve as automotive battery cooling systems.



Roko Gracin




Master thesis