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Razvoj personalizirane biciklističke kacige izrađene aditivnom proizvodnjom

Data retrieved from the FSB repository on Dabar, on March 01 2023,


The subject of this thesis is development of personalised bicycle helmet using advantages of additive manufacturing in structural design with the aim of personalising and ergonomically adapting the bicycle helmet to the individual user. The work is divided into four phases of the development process and begins with a market analysis with the aim of gaining insight into existing solutions and based on that, defining user requirements and technical specifications. The second part of the development begins with the functional decomposition of the product, which is then used as a base for partial solutions generated using functional mapping. After that, the validation of partial solutions is carried out according to meaningful criteria with the aim of implementing the best partial solutions of each block of functions in the final concept. The last stage is the modelling of the final concept in SolidWorks, where an ergonomically adapted bicycle helmet intended for production using FDM technology is created using a parametric model and a 3D scan of the user's head.



Bruno Masnica




Bachelor thesis


Bruno Masnica - Bachelor thesis