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Support structure design for road equipment

Data retrieved from the FSB repository, on February 09 2017,


The goal of this thesis is to make unique technical solution and technical documentation for support structure of weather station which company LED Elektronika Ltd. installs nearby roads across Croatia. Since the power network is not available on most of the locations where weather stations are being installed, it has to be equipped with solar module in order to provide electrical energy to the sensors. Therefore, the biggest load on the structure comes from the wind force which acts on the height 4 m above the ground. Combination of loads used in calculations involves dead weight of the structure and of all its components as well as the additional wind load. To define the dead load of all components there is a list of components with their description, dimensions and mass. The wind load calculation is based upon HRN ENV 1991-2-4:2005, Eurocode 1: Basis Of Design And Actions On Structures – 2-4 part: Actions On Structures - Wind Actions adopted by Croatian Standards Institute together with Croatian National Document which enables application of this norm in Croatia. Analytical calculations of strength and stability of the structure, as well as the calculations of bolts and welds, are conducted for the calculated wind load and they are confirmed by the built-in numerical method in Pro/ENGINEER. The results of this thesis are two variants of the structure, the first one is used on the most of locations in Croatia and in the case when solar module can be ommited from the station, and the second one is used only on the locations where there is the biggest wind load.



Petra Močibov




Bachelor thesis


Petra Močibov - Bachelor thesis