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The design of a tin press machine

Data retrieved from the FSB repository, on October 15 2017,


Recycling represents a procedure of conversion waste into a new product. Recycling saves raw materials and energy, effects on saving the environment, waste decrease and soil degradation. Waste like aluminum cans has a very long-term time disposal, between 100 – 500 years. 2/3 of aluminum that has ever been produced is still in use. This thesis shows the design development of a tin press machine. The first part of this work contains an analysis of available products on the market. In the second part of this work there are functions of the machine displayed in a functional decomposition and partial solutions of those functions in a morphological matrix. Concepts were generated based on both functional decomposition and morphological matrix and were evaluated with weighting evaluation criteria. The final solution of the machine is a result of a combination of generated concepts. In the third part of this work there are calculations of non-standard components of the machine displayed as well as the entire CAD model of the machine. The CAD model was made in software Catia V5 R20.



Jurica Gašparec




Master thesis


Jurica Gašparec - Master thesis