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Tolerance analysis using Monte Carlo approach

Data retrieved from the FSB repository, on March 21 2019,


Computer-Aided Tolerancing (CAT) software utilisation in the industry is increasing rapidly. This thesis describes the concept of tolerance analysis methods, both computer-aided and manually performed, with a focus on statistical method – Monte Carlo simulation. Among many tools found on the market that deal with computer-aided tolerance analysis, most used is 3DCS Variation Analyst. Using this software to perform statistical tolerance analysis of automobile connector, which is a product of company Yazaki Europe Limited, results of Monte Carlo simulation and sensitivity analysis are shown. Sensitivity method is performed by using GeoFactor and HLM analysis. Results are shown and analysed. Also, the results of Monte Carlo simulation are compared with results of worst-case analysis and discussed. Finally, the pros and cons of used tools and methods are discussed in order to assess the possibility of using this tool within the product development process.



Luka Brozić




Bachelor thesis


Yazaki Europe Limited