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Web System for Patent Data Analysis

Data retrieved from the FSB repository, on January 30 2018,


Patent databases are databases which also represent the largest aggregate of descriptions of the humanities’ technological achievements. Searching patent records, which provide a source of information on the continually complementing technological development over the past 200 years, enables us to analyse and determine the stage of development of a certain technology. Several quantitative and qualitative patent evolution analysis methods have been developed with the goal of easier development stage assessment, however, they are not automated or widespread enough. A user interface that would be able to present a technology’s development stage visually would greatly ease a user’s decision on investment in a certain product or technology. This paper discusses invention analysis methods to provide a better understanding of technology evolution and describes the developed web-application which visually presents qualitative patent evolution analysis methods.



Nikola Koren




Master thesis


Nikola Koren - Master thesis