European Global Product Realization course

Published on: 01-11-2021, Author: admin

Students interested in learning in an international environment and developing new products are invited to apply for the EGPR course. EGPR is an international English language course conducted in cooperation with the universities of Ljubljana, Vienna and Milan with simultaneous videoconferencing classes and with the participation of an industrial partner. During the course, students in international teams participate in the development of the concept and the construction of a global product for an industrial partner. This year's industrial partner is Siemens Mobility Austria GmbH.

During classes (from mid-February to June 2021), international, multidisciplinary teams of students will conceptualize, design and detail a technical solution for the task. This year's task is to develop flexible elements of the interior of the new generation subway car, which will allow adaptation depending on the changing number of passengers.

Initially, due to current epidemiological recommendations, students will participate in an introductory virtual workshop (22.2.-24.2.2021.) and then the rest of the semester will work in a virtual environment with students from the remaining three reputable universities. During the final workshop, students will present the developed concepts and explain the concept development process. According to the current course plan, the final workshop will be held at the premises of the industrial partner Siemens Mobility Austria GmbH (Vienna, Austria), scheduled for June 2021.

The EGPR course is enrolled as two elective technical courses (EGPR I and EGPR II), each with 4 ECTS. Regardless of the semester in which you formally enrol in elective technical courses, the course is taught and conducted only in the summer semester as a whole.

Students motivated to work in an international environment and develop new products can contact us by e-mail at with the following information:
Name and surname, JMBAG, field of study, year of study, grade point average, number of acquired ECTS credits, e-mail address. The subject "EGPR - application" should be placed in the subject of the message.

Applications will be accepted until January 29, 2021. The number of students per course is limited and a maximum of 10 students will be admitted. All registered students will be invited to a meeting before the start of classes (first week of February).

For further detailed information, you can contact prof. dr. Neven Pavković (room 303, floor III of the south building, or doc. dr. Stanko Škec (room 309, floor III of the south building,

The entire course is held within the international ELPID project thanks to the Agency for Mobility and EU Programs and ERAMUS + programs.

More information about the EGPR course and related ERASMUS + projects NARIP and ELPID can be found on the following pages: