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A method for computer-aided symmetry detection in 3D CAD models


Computer-Aided Symmetry Detection deals with the automatic identification of the planes, axes, or points of symmetry in 2D or 3D digital objects. The 3D digital objects that will be the subject of research in this paper are solid CAD models with Boundary representation (B-rep). The existing Computer-Aided Symmetry Detection approaches related to B-rep CAD models are restricted to only five basic analytic surfaces (plane, cylinder, cone, sphere, and torus), although CAD models often contain also numerical surfaces (e.g., Bézier. B-Spline, etc.). Hence, the main objective of the present thesis is to propose a method and develop a computational environment for the detection of exact global and partial reflectional and axisymmetry in B-rep CAD models that contain analytical as well as numerical surfaces. The proposed method and the computational environment will be subjected to validation where the main goal is to evaluate the symmetry detection correctness, i.e., identification of the corresponding planes and axes of symmetry. 



Mladen Burić




PhD thesis


Mladen Burić - PhD thesis topic