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Dr. Milan Stevanović, dipl. ing.

Doctoral/MSc study started:




Milan Stevanović was born in 1962. During the primary and secondary school he participated in the national competitions in math, and physics. He enrolled in the study of Mechanical Engineering at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture (UNIZG FMENA, in Zagreb in 1982., and graduated (B.Sc.) (with a special permission from the Faculty for shortening of the duration of the course), in June, 1986, with diploma thesis titled “Algorithm and program for the construction of a geared transmission pair with a computer”. For his outstanding achievement in the course he was awarded the Faculty Medal. He enrolled for his postgraduate studies at the FMENA in 1987, and completed them with master's thesis (M.Sc.) entitled "Comparison of modern analysis methods and the existing regulations for pressure systems" in February, 1991. He acquired the Ph.D. degree after having completed Ph.D. thesis titled “Idea Selection in Product Development”, in July, 2012.

From 1986 to 1996 he worked in the TPK (Industry of thermo power, process equipment, and boilers, Zagreb). During this period, he was primarily engaged in computer-aided design (CAD), computer-aided engineering, and the introduction of computers into the process of design and construction. Since 1996 he is employed by the company Ltd. in various activities (software application development, logistics project management, product management, product development and innovation). From 1986 to 1989 he worked at the FSB as a part-time assistant for the courses 'Application of electronic computers' and 'Computer aided design'. During 1988 he was elected to be a Research Associate at FSB and is registered with the Croatian Researchers’ registry.

Since 1987., he has been involved in scientific research in the following national and international projects: 'Development of mechanical and metallurgical creations in their concept of computer integrated manufacturing' (; 'A model of intelligent CAD systems' (2-08-173); 'Rationalization of production systems' (PR-65) ; 'Models and methods for knowledge management in product development' (120-1201829-1828), and “Models and Methods of Innovation Management in Complex Engineering Systems Development” (6430). During 2011, he has realized a research project (survey), entitled “New Product Development Based on Ideas”, which involved 1,329 national companies.

Dr. Stevanovic has participated in several international and national conferences beginning with the ICED 1988. He served on the scientific committee and reviewer at international conferences series ICED and DESIGN. He published a number of scientific papers and he was co-supervisor for one master thesis. He is a member of several international and national organizations: ASME, The Design Society, The Design Research Society, IIRusa, PDMA, Croatian Association for Project Management.

He developed a large number of computer programs of technical and business purposes, more technical and feasibility studies, and he managed several business projects. He made several internal publication and manuals. He completed a number of seminars and short training courses. He is familiar with a number of computer platforms and programming languages. He speaks English and Russian.

Research area:

His initial research interest was based on the improvement of methods of computer, mathematics, and engineering support in engineering design (CAD, CAE), over time moved to a broader filed of the process of product development. His recent research interests cover multidisciplinary intersections of engineering design, math, technology, and economy in the context of a process of product innovation (idea management, requirements and goals management, resource management, change management), and development of models and methods to support these processes and support decision-making processes for product innovation.

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