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Increasing Excellence on Advanced Additive Manufacturing – INEX-ADAM


The goal of the INEX-ADAM project is to reduce networking gaps and deficiencies among UNIZAG FSB and internationally leading EU institutions, by significantly strengthening the excellence and innovative capacity for research in the field of Additive Manufacturing (AM) within the Centre for Additive Technologies (CATEH), as an integral part of UNIZAG FSB. Strengthening of scientific and innovation capacity will be within three strategic research domains: (i) Advanced Design for Additive Manufacturing – products and tools, (ii) Medical Modelling for Additive Manufacturing (iii) Material Modelling for Additive Manufacturing. Furthermore, for more intensive and efficient cooperation, project participants will establish Advanced Modelling for Additive Manufacturing (ADAM) platform, which will be a point for exchanging information, ideas and proposals of all stakeholders for opening a new advanced application and increasing competitiveness of AM. Platform ADAM will be a mean for increasing excellence and visibility of CATEH researchers in AM on regional as well as international level. The project will enable strengthening links  to the industries with increasing application of AM through organisation of research-industry workshops (Advanced Design and Application of Additive Manufacturing Workshop, Application of Advanced Materials in Additive Manufacturing Workshop), as well as links to the field of medical technology through organisation of regional technical workshop (Additive Manufacturing in Medicine Workshop) and expert talks in collaboration with School of Medicine, University of Zagreb. Links with researches from other institutions will be strengthen through joint organisation of DESIGN 2020 conference session dedicated to the advanced application of Additive Manufacturing in the field of design, engineering and medicine, active participation at international conferences from the field of AM application in design, engineering and medicine and publication of scientific and professional papers in open access journals. Special attention will be paid to the links with Special Interest Group for Design for AM SIG (DfAM). SIG (DfAM) provides a forum to discuss international efforts in this area and train future designers and researchers to take advantage of the new design opportunities that these technologies provide.

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Damir Godec


2018 - 2022

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HORIZON 2020 Programme