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Analysis of support for design communication

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Communication is considered to be a key factor between design teams during product development. Principles, patterns and communication methods inside companies, around companies and on a global level are thought to be a very significant indicators of company’s efficiency, which of course reflects on the product being developed. That is exactly why it is necessary to thoroughly observe that process and constantly improve it. In the first part of this thesis there is an overview of the literature and a look into current state in context of communication in design teams. Starting from communication basics, existing problems have been shown and recommendations were introduced, with an overview of existing tools for supporting such processes. There is a look into a current state regarding tools for supporting communication in design and a description of potential future possibilities. In the second part, an analysis based on a research in an existing company, Pitaya Solutions based in Osijek, where communication flows in the design team and between design team and its surrounding were observed, was shown. Based on that analysis, visualization of the processes was made using an advance tool for process modeling called Petri nets. Conclusions were then drawn and some potential improvements have been introduced.



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