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Automatic whiteboard eraser device

Data retrieved from the FSB repository, on March 04 2019,


This bachelor’s thesis presents the development and design of an automatic whiteboard eraser. Based on a market analysis it has been determined what kind of devices existed, their advantages and disadvantages and whether there is room for their improvement and development. Also, patents with the same or similar purpose have been searched. After conducting the market and patents analysis and a comparison of the existing products on the market, the product development goal was defined and the guidelines for improvement set. During the functional decomposition, all functionalities of the device were defined and elaborated. The morphological matrix contains proposals of separate solutions for each functionality. This is followed by the conceptualization phase in which concepts were created and their features assessed. The concept with the best features was then elaborated in detail. Necessary calculations were made and the components designed. The 3D model is created in “SolidWorks” software package. The thesis closes with a financial analysis and a conclusion.



Mario Bumbak




Bachelor thesis


Mario Bumbak - Bachelor thesis