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Autonomni uređaj za skupljanje plutajućeg otpada

Data retrieved from the FSB repository on Dabar, on May 19 2020,


This bachelor thesis shows process of designing autonomous device for floating waste collection. Device should be developed using electric energy as source of power and possibly solar cells. Primary use is for harbors and small ports. In start of the thesis is given introduction speaking about nautical tourism and problems of waste in the sea which occurs as consequence. After that market analysis of existing products and innovative concepts was made. Then function decomposition with proper explaination of its subfunctions was created, from which follows morphological matrix containing some of possible solutions of the functions device is managing. Using morphological matrix two concepts were generated and afterwards evaluated, with the better concept being thoroughly elaborated. For selected concept 3D model was made with required calcualtion and tehnical documentation.



Domagoj Grubelić




Bachelor thesis


Domagoj Grubelić - Bachelor thesis