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Bezdodirna manipulacija CAD modelom u SolidWorks-u

Data retrieved from the FSB repository on Dabar, on July 17 2022,


Presentation of a design solution directly from a CAD application based on a CAD model is allowing a user to be more flexible. There is no need to prepare images of a CAD model and then be limited by the collected views. CAD model manipulation is allowing a user to see a model from any point of view and also use different operations such as rotation, translation and scaling. Manipulation is mostly provided by the use of a keyboard and mouse. To provide a user with more flexibility so that he doesn't need to sit or stand near a computer while manipulating with CAD model, touchless manipulation is proposed. Touchless manipulation is based on Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) which is mostly provided by the use of gestures or voice commands. To create an application for a touchless CAD model manipulation, in this Master Thesis are implemented principles of Artificial intelligence (AI) and Computer Vision (CV). CV is allowed through a pc web camera. At the beginning of the thesis, there are defined requirements which application need to satisfy. Afterwards, literature on topics of AI and CV is investigated and similar applications are checked. After literature investigation, all required Python dependencies are defined. Furthermore, gestures used for manipulation and auxiliary functions are defined and an application is created. In the end, the application is tested in real-time in the SolidWorks environment.



Matija Roginić




Master thesis


Matija Roginić - Master thesis