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Bicycle parking station with theft prevention system

Data retrieved from the FSB repository, on February 09 2017,


As the number of bicycle traffic is increasing, so are the requirements for their parking. Also, as the number of bicycles is growing, the number of their thefts is higher. In the first part this paper analyses the competitive products on current market of bicycles parking. The analysis showed that there is a small number of parking stations that provide protection against theft. In the second part functional decomposition and morphological matrix of such devices is made and 2 different concepts were designed. In designing the chosen concept basic calculations was made, but the design was led by making robust device that is designed in a way that potential thieves cannot access to parts that are responsible for bike locking. Although an elaborated solution cannot secure bicycles from all types of bike theft, it provides a higher level of protection



Tvrtko Ćorić




Bachelor thesis


Tvrtko Ćorić - Bachelor thesis