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Circular lawn mower for small tractors

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In this bachelor thesis it is designed and developed a rotary mower with grass-collecting capability. The implement is used for the maintenance of grassland, and is primarily designed to be attached on a small agricultural tractors. It is attached to a tractor via standard three-point hitch, and power is supplied through the PTO. Further power transmission is done through power transmission belt and drum with blades. By analyzing the existing ports, standard parts were selected and a complete 3D model was made with SolidWorks software. In the first part of the paper is made an analysis of the market, a functional decomposition and is developed a project. Emphasis is placed on the weight reduction of the implement and its easy maintenance. The second part of the paper includes the selection and the calculation of the key parts of the implement and is followed by conclusion. Key words: rotary mower, three-point hitch, tractor



Luka Rabuzin




Bachelor thesis


Luka Rabuzin - Bachelor thesis