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Development of the remote operating module for nondestructive testing of the inner field weld in the lower part of the vacuum vessel

Data retrieved from the FSB repository, on December 10 2018,


This final thesis describes development of module used for weld inspection. The weld is positioned on the inner wall shell of the vacuum vessel inside fusion reactor ITER. Development begins with market and patent research of similar products and systems. A list of requirements is generated based on required functions and state of the inspection environment. Functions along with flows of material, energy and signal are shown in functional decomposition. Based on stated functions, a morphological matrix is generated showing possible solutions for each of the defined functions. Using solutions from morphological matrix, two concepts are generated and evaluated according to most relevant requirements. Based on higher evaluated concept, further development of the system is performed according to available knowledge, solutions and technologies. Calculations are used to verify choice and to define components such as motors, threaded spindles, bearings, etc. After several iterations in different design directions, a model is generated and described in the last chapter of this thesis. Technical documentation of the developed device is attached to this thesis.



Vinko Majić




Master thesis