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Device for assembling Eddy current probe body

Data retrieved from the FSB repository, on July 14 2017,


With the help of product development, this work gives a solution for semi-automated assembly of an Eddy current steam generator inspection probe body for nuclear powerplants. First, energy acquisition in nuclear powerplants is explained along with their main systems and types considering existing reactor types. Steam generators, Eddy current inspection probes along with their flexible support and its current state were described. In addition to the market search for machines that conduct tasks required to assemble Eddy current probes shaft, support and cable, a patent search of flexible support, cables and shafts was also made. At the begining of the task break-in current assembly method of the flexible support was described, technical questionnaire was written and list of demands was made. Function decomposition was made based on the previously conducted task. Morphological matrix gave solutions to previously defined functions and with their combinations two concepts were assembled. Concepts were then evaluated and one of them was chosen for further design development in which it was broken down into several subsystems giving solutions to every one of them. 3D computer model along with technical documentation was made with the help of Autodesk Inventor 2016 CAD program.



Ivor Mikolčević




Master thesis