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Device for Cleaning the Weldings on the Frames Made of PVC Profiles

Data retrieved from the FSB repository, on November 12 2018,


In this bachelor thesis, a design-constructed cleaning device for disruption of frames on PVC profiles has been designed. This device is used to remove cracks caused by the welding of PVC profiles and is usually used for window, door and similar PVC products. Since the welding of the joint between two PVC profiles leaves angles that can be sharp and unpleasant to see, in the process of production, these sags are removed so that a neat compound is formed. The PVC profile frame is placed in the machine in such a way that the joint is positioned in the exact position. The device is controlled by pressing the required buttons or pedals. The frame should be fixed in order to be motionless. After that, first you need to cut the horizontal skeins with special knives or other tools, followed by a vertical squeegee using a sander or some other tool. By analyzing existing components on the market, standard parts have been selected and a complete 3D model is made in the SolidWorks software package. The paper contains market analysis, elaborate functional decomposition, display of morphological matrix, sketches and conceptual explanations (possible solutions), and 3D visualization and technical documentation of a constructed solution.



Matej Vegar




Bachelor thesis


Matej Vegar - Bachelor thesis