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Device for insallation of the inspection manipulator in the horizontal steam generator

Data retrieved from the FSB repository, on July 14 2017,


The main goal of this thesis is the product development of an installation device for INETEC's Forerunner mobile robot on a steam generator tube sheet. First, the nuclear reaction and its use in nuclear power plants are briefly described. To continue, nuclear plant key systems vital for maintaining the nuclear reaction inside the plant are described. Following that up, steam generator design and work schematics are explained as an operating environment for the device being developed in this thesis. An overview of Forerunner specifications is given. Market and patent research give insights into past and current state of the art in the field of installation devices in steam generators. The development begins by establishing product specifications and development goals. A functional decomposition is made by listing all the product sub functions and connecting them with flows of energy, material and information. Technical solutions for each sub function are listed in a morphology and combined into individual concepts. Several concepts were generated for each of the device’s sub-systems. By evaluating the concepts, the most appropriate were chosen to form the final solution. This final solution served as a basis for further development. Further development included stress calculations in critical points of the support structure and selection of standard components. 3D CAD model and following technical drawings and documentation were made with the help of Autodesk Inventor 2016 CAD program.



Dean Deković




Master thesis