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Dynamic Network Analysis - Evolution of the Research Field Based on the Papers Published at the International DESIGN Conference 2002-2014


This work observed the evolution of Design Science, analysing it through the years, based on conferences that took place from 2002 through 2014. Each conference was modelled as a single static network, using the keywords of the articles presented on a forementioned conference. Afterwards, we observed the obtained networks through the years and put them together into a single dynamic network. Basic network properties (on a vertex level) were examined, and based on various measures (e.g. centrality), keywords representing the most prominent branches of science were singled out. These branches were then observed year by year, annotating the science development. In section 3, basic terms of Graph Theory were laid out, along with some values vital for network analysis. Basic network properties were also observed later in the work. Some network models, along with their important characteristics were represented. Besides the vertex-level analysis, we also compared networks on a global scale, observing changes of various characteristic values, such as some components, clustering coefficient and density. On a network representing the 2014 conference, the network homogeneity was analysed, the degree distribution and betweenness distribution were studied, and afterwards compared the obtained results to some known probability distributions. We also compared the said network to various network models and recommended a cellular model hybrid, whose development was left to be further researched in subsequent works.



Hermina Petric Maretić




Rector award


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