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Implementacija konstrukcijskog znanja u 3D računalni model odvojenog sustava za hlađenje transformatora

Data retrieved from the FSB repository on Dabar, on July 17 2022,


The task of this thesis is to analyse the design knowledge of a separate transformer cooling system and implement it in a 3D computer model. This provides stored structural knowledge within the 3D computer model, which can be studied during reuse to obtain a more detailed overview of its design process. After describing the transformer cooling system, examples of transformers using a separate cooling system are studied. Parametric 3D CAD modelling and parametric 3D CAD modelling in CATIA V5 are described. The skeleton method was used in the creation of the CAD model and is described below. Before creating the CAD model of a separate transformer cooling system, existing design solutions of a separate transformer cooling system were analysed based on which design knowledge necessary for adding parameters and constraints to the CAD model was defined. By implementing parameters and constraints, such as formulas and rules, within a CAD model, accelerated creation of different versions from such a CAD model is achieved. Finally, the CAD model was tested and the technical documentation of several variants of a separate transformer cooling system was made using the Catia V5 R28 software.



Matteo Ivan Nikolić




Master thesis