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Konstruiranje spremnika za otpad i vodu u sklopu razvoja kamionske čistilice

Data retrieved from the FSB repository on Dabar, on July 09 2023,


The great progress of human civilization within the last few decades, as well as urbanization, have led to an exponential growth in the number of vehicles owned and driven by individuals all around the world. What is more, every day there are more and more people who go to larger towns or cities for either work or other private reasons, or both, thus making public surfaces (and roads) dirty and creating a need for their cleaning and maintenance. A method that can be used for keeping these areas clean is by using trucks that have been altered to become sweepers. Each such device must be able to store the collected waste, in other words, it must have a container. The hopper consists of a part where the waste is stored and a water tank where the water used during the cleaning process is stored. The first task of this paper is to do market research to get insight into existing solutions that competition has already come up with. After the market analysis, it is crucial to determine the subsystems of the device and create a functional structure in order to facilitate the further phase of the development. The next step is to create a concept of the hopper, which will provide several possible solutions and determine the best one that will be used for the next phase - phase of container construction. In this phase, calculations and a 3D model of the tank are necessary. The development of the container will continue in the future, therefore this is not a representation of the final product. The program package used to create functional analysis diagrams is, which is part of the platform, while the Solidworks 2022 program package was used to create 3D models, appropriate documentation and images with force and load displays.



Dragutin Franičević




Master thesis