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Machine for green pruning of vineyard

Data retrieved from the FSB repository, on March 04 2019,


This bachelor thesis shows the process of developing and designing a tractor attachment for green pruning of vineyard. The attachment has to be driven by tractor hydraulics.The market analysis was used for indentification of the existing solutions for green pruning. Based on functional decomposition and morphological matrix two concepts are made. Further machin design is guided by evaluating concepts. The critical parts of the device were dimensioned. From the calculations a computer model of the product was created in the 3D CAD system. In addition to this technical documentation of the main assemblies and parts of the product was created by using SolidWorks CAD tool. The result of this thesis is tractor mounted green pruning machine which fulfills all given parameters.



Tomislav Vulinović




Bachelor thesis


Tomislav Vulinović - Bachelor thesis