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Mobile CNC gas cutting machine

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In a production of machine parts, regarding metal machining, first of technological operations is a cutting of purchased material with an addition for further processing. Some types of cutting (cutting of metal plates with laser or water jet) demands subsequent processing, but that depands on a defined tolerances and a shape of position.However those types of cutting are often limited with tickness of a material. If it is possible to cut thicker materials, quality of a cut drops significantly with an increasement of a material tickness. As in most cases there is a need for further processing after cutting, companies decideing on a lower quality cut but a cheaper variant – oxyfuel cutting. In this thesis is shown design process of a portable CNC oxyfuel cutter for cutting steel plates in metal process industry.A need for that kind of machine is spotted, overview of exsisting machine elements and solutions is given, way of working of an oxyfuel cutter is explained, results of a questionnares for a potential buyer/user are shown, conceptual sketch is made, functional decomposition is carried out from which are generated concepts.Concepts are evaluated and the best is chosen and further elaborated with calculation of crittical parts, drives, and drive elements.Principle of Computer Numerical Control with graphical interface of MACH3 is explained.In the end, complete technical documentation for material procurement and production of a portable CNC cutter is given.



Igor Štefanić




Master thesis


Igor Štefanić - Master thesis