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Modul za ispitivanje zavara penetracijskih cijevi reaktorske posude

Data retrieved from the FSB repository on Dabar, on March 03 2022,


In this thesis, the module of Archer robotic system was designed. Archer, designed by INETEC company, is used for non-destructive inspections of nuclear reactor vessel head. Its module should be able to prolongate as needed, it should function as a telescopic mechanism. Work has begun by determination of input measurement for installation space and of demanded prolongation. Then, patent solutions were found to gain ideas of existing mechanisms. Functional decomposition was made afterwards which showed all functions and their connections the module has to contain. Every function was given several design solutions put in a morphological table. Choosing different solutions for every function, various concepts were made. Every concept was graded depending on wanted technological characteristics and the best concept for further development was chosen. The chosen concept was given overall dimensions for is demanded functions. After detailing, standard parts were chosen and other parts were made in CAD program Inventor. CAD models were joined in one assembly with both Archer and nuclear reactor vessel head.



Katarina Pavlić




Bachelor thesis