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Multi-axis adjustable office chair

Data retrieved from the FSB repository, on March 04 2019,


The task of this bachelor thesis was to create a concept and develop an office chair that is adjustable in multiple axes. In the introduction a review on the importance of a high quality chair is given and afterwards a brief history of an office chair as we know it today. For simplicity, assumptions about chair coordinate system were made. Next was market analysis on the basis of three existing products, all belonging to higher price end. They were compared on the basis of fullfiling the required functions and are accordingly used as basis for later analysis. With help of existing solutions and morpholigic matrix two concepts were made with described work principles. The concepts were graded and better was chosen so calculations can begin. The calculations were done from bottom to top. Crucial part was to determine inputs, that is, loads. In the end finished product is shown with desrcibed working principles.



Bruno Mraz




Bachelor thesis


Bruno Mraz - Bachelor thesis