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Prijenosni sklopivi koš za košarku

Data retrieved from the FSB repository on Dabar, on March 03 2022,


The topic of this bachelor's thesis is the development and the design of a portable folding basketball hoop. In the introductory part, a search and evaluation of the products on the market was made, in order to get the best possible picture of what is desirable. The next step was to create a functional decomposition and morphological matrix. Based on them, three concepts were made which were also evaluated and a conclusion was made as to what the final product should look like. After that, the development of the device has begun, for which it was necessary to make a calculation of critical components, technical documentation and a 3D model. The technical documentation and 3D model were created in the Solidworks software package.



David Kremenjaš




Bachelor thesis


David Kremenjaš - Bachelor thesis