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Primjena 3D skeniranja i DMLS postupka aditivne proizvodnje u povratnom inženjerstvu

Data retrieved from the FSB repository on Dabar, on March 03 2022,


The topic of this thesis is the process of reverse engineering and reconstruction of products for additive manufacturing, with emphasis on 3D scanning and the DMLS manufacturing process. A methodology for reverse engineering has been developed, which includes the redesign of a product according to the design criteria for additive manufacturing. A case study analysis was performed, where a gear was used as an example. A gear was subjected to functional and geometric analysis. The virtual model obtained by 3D scanning was transformed into a CAD model and redesigned to incorporate the advantages of DMLS additive manufacturing, taking into account imposed functional and geometric constraints. The reconstructed product was made by the mentioned procedure and scanned to compare with the initial model and to check the success of the reverse engineering process.



Marija Rešetar




Bachelor thesis