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Primjena matričnih metoda u organizaciji procesa konstruiranja

Data retrieved from the FSB repository on Dabar, on July 17 2022,


The topic of this master thesis is the application of the matrix method in the organization of the design process on the example of a semi-automatic dispenser for packaging bulk material and angular chain conveyor. The development process is presented in DSM method (Design Structure Matrix) and MDM method (Multiple Domain Matrix). The theoretical basis of each method and the available software tools are discussed. Quantum XL is used as a tool for the DSM method. The elemental construction tasks in the development process are defined and described. Matrices of dependence of construction tasks and parameters have been formed. The matrices are rearranged by the previously stated methods and manually to obtain the optimal order of task execution. After rearranging the matrices, the obtained results were analyzed.



Mura Horvat




Master thesis


Mura Horvat - Master thesis