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Primjena VS sustava za procjenu percipirane kvalitete proizvoda

Data retrieved from the FSB repository on Dabar, on October 14 2021,


Virtual reality technologies have been used in a product design for several decades. Due to technology development, a new generation of hardware, with devices that are worn on the user's head (Head-mounted display, HMD), has emerged. Because of a much lower cost and space requirements of HMD devices, VR technologies have become accessible to a wider range of users. With the increasing prevalence of VS technologies, new applications are being found in the product development process. One of them is the assessment of the perceived quality of products, where it is still poorly represented. This paper includes a review of the literature on perceived quality and virtual reality technology with the aim of designing an experiment as well as a description of the experiment itself. The experiment compares two display modes for perceived quality assessment: traditionally used display of photos on a computer screen and display using a virtual reality system. In addition to its ease of use, the VS system has contributed to a better assessment, but it has also shown some of its disadvantages, such as a blurry display.



Martin Jurman




Bachelor thesis


Martin Jurman - Bachelor thesis