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Razvoj bicikla temeljenog na konstrukcijskim rješenjima za aditivnu proizvodnju

Data retrieved from the FSB repository on Dabar, on March 03 2022,


The subject of this thesis is the development of city bike based on design principles for additive manufacturing. Additive manufacturing allows many opportunities when designing, huge part of which is not possible to be done with traditional manufacturing processes. It gives object benefits that could not be done without it or would have been too expensive. In this thesis, a product development process containing 4 phases is followed. In Phase 0 after getting the idea of the product, research of the market is done to get more information on existing products. Also, user needs are defined, goals of development are set, and functional mapping is done. After that, in the conception phase, with the information given by functional mapping 3D CAD models are created, which lead to prototyping. Prototype evaluation was followed by making final 3D CAD models which were, once again, prototyped.



Petra Vukas




Bachelor thesis


Petra Vukas - Bachelor thesis