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Razvoj dentalne višečlane nadogradnje

Data retrieved from the FSB repository on Dabar, on February 27 2023,


In the final paper, the types of dental extensions and the production and use of extensions in the context of modern technologies are described. The parts of the dental implantology assembly are explained. It is described in which cases dental multi-unit abutments are used and their division. The characteristics of sealing and force transmission were compared depending on the geometry of the connection between the abutment and the implant. It is shown how different forms of the transgingival segment affect the healing of the gingiva. Limitations when mounting the dental arch on multi-unit abutments are explained. Then a definition of the problem was drawn up, in which the shortcomings of the existing solutions were listed. Patents and commercial solutions were studied. A comparison of patents and commercial solutions was made. To adapt the design for different implants, measurements of the contact areas between the existing abutments and the implants were made. A conclusion and guidelines for development have been drawn up. A functional decomposition of dental multi-unit abutments and a morphological matrix were made. 4 concepts were derived from them. A concept was selected for further development, and after detailed development, prototype 1 was made using 3D printing technology. Prototyping technology is described. After testing prototype 1, possible improvements were observed, and prototype 2 was elaborated and built. The displacement calculation and geometric limitations of the structural solution were made. The procedure for making a multi-unit abutment and a screw for mounting the abutment on the implant is described. In the end, the technical specifications of the final solution are listed.



Josip Vidović




Bachelor thesis