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Robot za skupljanje loptica za golf

Data retrieved from the FSB repository on Dabar, on November 15 2023,


The topic of this master's thesis is design and development of a device for collecting golf balls. The paper provides general information about golf and golf courses, and researches relevant patents and competitive devices on the market. Firstly, development goals and technical specification were set. The functions of the device and the ways of fulfilling these functions were determined, with the help of the functional decomposition and the morphological matrix methods. Three concepts were created, from which the best concept was selected for detailed development. During the development, the selection of components was made and the key elements were checked with regard to mechanical strength. Finally, using a 3D model of the device created in CAD software, the components of the device and the principle of operation were described, and the technical documentation was created.



Domagoj Marić




Master thesis


Domagoj Marić - Master thesis