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Stroj za automatizirano skidanje poklopaca mednog saća

Data retrieved from the FSB repository on Dabar, on November 15 2023,


This final thesis includes developing and designing of a machine for the automated removal of honeycomb covers. During the development of the product, existing machines for removing covers and parts of the device were analyzed. Various patents were also studied, which served as the basis for the design of the device. Based on the analysis of products and patents, the goal of development was defined, and a list of requirements was formed. A functional decomposition of the device was also made in order to show all the functions and requirements of the device. On the basis of the functional decomposition, a morphological matrix was created, which includes various solutions for individual functions. Using the morphological matrix, four concepts were formed. The concepts were evaluated on the basis of various criteria, the most important of which are the speed of the device, the quality of the cut, and the accuracy of the frame positioning. The concept that received the highest overall score was selected for further elaboration. For this concept, a 3D model was created, standard components were selected, calculations were made, and technical documentation was created.



Maja Pipalović




Bachelor thesis


Maja Pipalović - Bachelor thesis