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Stroj za rezanje savitljivih PVC cijevi (bužira)

Data retrieved from the FSB repository on Dabar, on October 07 2021,


In the first part of this work, an introduction to PVC flexible tubes will be presented, which will be described as properties of PVC thermo tubes. The second part will present a market analysis that will contain the devices available on the market and their features and characteristics. A comparison of the available devices will be shown in order to better determine the direction of development of your own cutting device. The third part of the presentation will be available patents that show ways to solve certain cutting methods. The comparison and evaluation of patents will also be proven. The fourth part includes the generation of different concepts and their mutual comparison and evaluation. After that, the techno-economic analysis will be proven and the concept that will be finalized will be selected. It is arranged in the SolidWorks software package, where the technical documentation has also been prepared. The goal is to construct a device that is simple and safe to use to be fully acceptable to fully competitive available devices.



Tomislav Grahek




Bachelor thesis


Tomislav Grahek - Bachelor thesis